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Strange Dreams Of A Supercivilisation Village


Working in this antivilisation of suppression, dead-end jobs, taxes, and goverment regulation, I turn sometimes to the stars... look up at them, and wonder when we as a race will have the chance to join our cousins in the sky. In the cosmos. Throughout the grand universe.

Now those aren't very practical thoughts. But are they any less practical than the religious man who considers the higher power of god?

It has been almost 13 years that I turned my attention from man's created god concept, to a recognition that whilst I was nothing but an 'insignificant' speck amongst the vast galaxies above my head, so to was I just the same as any other being with the capacity for self referential conscious awareness... and that is when I realised that those men in the sky, with powers far greater than mine, were my cousins.

And I was tattood with the quest to join them. Not by some mystical irrational notion of life after death or suicidal transcendence, but by the application of my mind to the control and creation of a super advanced technological world that gain us the necessary entry pass into the grand communication airwaves that must be buzzing with light year advanced information technology.

An Internet across the universe, if you will...

And I want to plug in.

For those with similar inclinations, I can recommend neo-tech to you.

But let's consider some practical views of efficiency.

To accelerate the progress of our technological revolution on Earth was must get rid of the government. So check out freedom decade.

And to individually excel so that we control our own minds and thoughts and behaviours we will balance cosmic business with the happiness and enjoyment possible from life.

The first book that snapped all this together for me was the Neo-Tech Discovery.

Known as The Religion of Cyberspace

Neo-Tech literally stands for Super Rapdily Advancing New Technologies (hence it's the religion of cyberspace). But Neo-Tech also means 'fully integrated honesty' - and as such it is the savior of Cyberspace.

This is a very small web site designed simply to provide a general history of some of the aspects of Neo-Tech.

There are many aspects indeed and you are sure to find something that raises your eye brows, or widens your eyes with interest. I hope that you either already have a Neo-Tech information package, or are offered one soon.

Dr Frank R Wallace's first best seller was his poker book titled Poker: A Guaranteed Income For Life, through which he explored personal mysticism and developed the concepts of Discipline, Thought and Control.

In the early days of developing Neo-Tech Frank R Wallace wrote a book called Psychuous Sex which explored how honesty and mysticism effects romantic love by reviewing the Evolution of Man and the History of Love (or historia de amor). Psychuous Sex was also a very explicit book discussing penis size and vaginal orgasms (as opposed to clitoral) don't you know... :)

Eric Savage wrote about the Industrial Revolution in his book Global Wealth Power.

The Neo-Tech Discovery published by Neo Tech Publishing Company became a commercial success introducing mass markets to Ayn Rand and Objectivism.

And that’s why I begun to write for the organized living techniques.






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