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Finding The Top Performing Leads For Mlm


Have you ever thought about as to the best type of lead to use: Genealogy Reports or business opportunity leads. Many would say that Genealogy Reports are the best, fastest, and easiest way to build a huge downline in your Network Marketing business. On the other hand, using quality business opportunity leads gives you prospedts who are actively seeking a home-based business.

The case for Genealogy Reports - If you were launching a pro sports franchise, let's say a NHL Hockey team, where would you begin to build your team? Would you put ads in the newspaper saying you were looking for players? Would you call your members of your family to see if they want to play football?

No. There would be an expansion draft and free agents to choose from. These would be the veterans of your new team. Sure you would get a few new college players, but the acquisition of veterans is your focus. Think about it! Each year it is the same thing - teams who are constantly looking for that next free agent that is going to take their franchise to the next level. Why shouldn't you do the same with your MLM business?

On the other hand, why is there so much media attention on college draft day? Because quality young team members can be a fire for your business. There are many CD's full of rags to riches stories of that person who was given a opportunity and became financially independent.

Something you will probably want to do that you use both MLM Genealogy Reports and Business Opportunity MLM Leads. Why would you not use both? But, you need the highest quality MLM genealogy leads and the best home business leads. If you want to learn more about Genealogy Reports, then you need to check out our MLM Leads Blog. There are details not only Genealogy Reports, but also Best MLM Leads. The bottomline is in recruiting new members to your networking organization. You will need some experienced networkers, but you will also need some people you've recruited who are brand new to build a long lasting and successful business.

In conclusion, here is why I say all this. As I have seen people try and build their MLM business, I see them making the same mistakes that everyone in their upline and downline are making. It is like watching a flock of sheep following each other over the side of a cliff. You have to create something new and forsake the popular dogma about how to grow your business. Listen, you need to get out from behind the sheep you are following, and listen to Tracy Biller as he teaches in his audios and free ebooks of how using MLM Genealogy Leads is going to help you build the kind of business you need to build. And, as Tracy would say... it may not be the easiest way, but it may be the most simple.






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