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Non-Conforming Lending  







Non-Conforming Lending



For any non-conforming lending you may require, we would like to recommend the broker Loan Vision to you. The people at Loan Vision deal with each of the 4 major non-conforming lenders covered in our Non-Conforming Loans article.



Who is Loan Vision?


Loan Vision is an independent mortgage broker that deals with clients from all over Australia. 


Loan Vision are not just any broker they are very specialised! All of their business comes through personal referrals from over 400 solicitors, accountants and financial planners Australia wide. Such advisors need to ensure their clients receive the best possible tailor made lending service, else it would damage their client base.


Loan Vision's consultants are therefore all highly qualified salaried professionals, not salespeople focused on commissions! The banks have many products that they don't want you to know about because they make less profit from them. Loan Vision know about these products and they can show you how to get them.



Why would I go through Loan Vision?


Consider the following advantages:

  1. Loan Vision guarantees that you will not pay anymore for a loan than you would have if you went through to the bank/financier directly (and in most cases they can save you money by negotiating interest rates and fees on your behalf).

  2. Loan Vision charges absolutely no fees for arranging residential loans and refinances.

  3. Although Loan Vision charges no fees on residential mortgages, they will always provide a thorough estimate of your loan costs. These costs include your deposit, bank establishment fees, mortgage stamp duty, mortgage registration, mortgage insurance, valuation and any other fees related to your loan. Loan Vision staff are highly qualified salaried professionals, trained to select the right product for you and your family's specific needs. They not only examine your needs today but try to find a loan facility that will fulfil your future needs.

  4. Loan Vision and it's staff are members of the Mortgage Industry Association of Australia and the Finance Brokers Association of Australia.

  5. Loan Vision accesses 40 residential lenders including banks, building societies, credit unions, and non bank lenders offering over 450 loan products in total.

Update - Please note: We apologise but Loan Vision are no longer accepting enquiries for non-conforming loans so we have removed the enquiry submission form. We will be updating this page shortly.




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