What it means to be Financially Free
and achieve Personal Success


Your Journey is so named as the quest to become Financially Free is akin to taking a journey. We should plan and prepare any journey before undertaking it, and bring along the necessary provisions and equipment. We highly recommend that all areas denoted by our site's 4 principal sections be included on your journey to be Financially Free.


What will being Financially Free provide you? Primarily, the power of choice. This includes:

  1. the freedom from having to sacrifice most of your time to a job you may not like, and watch the years of your life pass by, simply because of the need for the money to survive;

  2. the ability to live your life and  spend your time doing the activities of your choice with those dear to you;

It's a great shame that 92% of Australians retire on an income of less than $20K pa - with many largely dependent on a govt. pension which is unlikely to exist in one or two decades time. This situation is so easy to remedy if only more people knew and applied a few basic principles of money management such as those outlined in our article on Compound Interest. Our aim is to provide some of these basic principles, as well as numerous tools to assist your wealth creation.


But our focus is more than financial. Personal Success is a parallel quest to Financial Freedom, and is a step beyond it. One can have Personal Success and yet be of humble means, although there is nothing wrong in pursuing wealth. Our belief is that the two go hand in hand. There are plenty of unhappy rich people. The good book says: "Instruct them to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share" (1Tim 6:18). Giving back and contributing a portion of what you have is part and parcel of Personal Success.


Achieving Personal Success in conjunction with Financial Freedom will provide you with:

  1. the privilege of being able to live a fulfilled life, living out your own dreams whilst giving back and helping others who are less fortunate;

  2. the capacity to use your gifts and impact the world in an area of importance to you

Zig Ziglar puts it this way - Your aim should be to go from:

- Survival to Stability

- Stability to Success

- Success to Significance


Sound too lofty? It shouldn't. Individuals' dreams and visions have made the world what it is today, and these are the common ingredients amongst all great leaders, irrespective of their field of endeavour. Believe in and nurture your dreams - they're the fuel you'll need to take you where you want to go.


Financial Freedom should only be a milestone on your journey - The quest for Personal Success should be lifelong. We should never become too comfortable or complacent.


Our purpose, which we hope to fulfil via this site, is to provide you with as much of the knowledge and tools necessary for you to achieve your goal of becoming Financially Free as well as living a balanced life and achieving Personal Success, the principles for which are provided in the materials in our Principles of Success section.


Best wishes on your journey...


Damien Dupont

Financially Free Pty Ltd



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