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An Update To Last Week's Newsletter

And A Very Special Offer To A Select Few - and that includes YOU!




Damien Dupont

Date: 30 January 2006
From: the desk of Damien Dupont


Hello All,

This email is only going out to a small segment of my list. Specifically, those of you who ordered the end of Financial Year Wealth Creation Pack last June, which was a cancer benefit fundraiser for my good friend Chris Smith.

Incidentally, Chris is alive and well but not out of the woods yet as he continues his fight. Your support was appreciated and extremely helpful to Chris and his wife Maz, and your prayers are all the more-so.

The first reason I am writing to you guys specifically is because many of you came through from either Brett McFall's or David Cavanagh's lists, and therefore you will have a better chance of being familiar with what I am about to write about.

The second reason is because I would like to reward you for your support last June, and make you a special offer. Fifty percent of the proceeds derived from any of you who take me up on this offer will again go to Chris n' Maz to help support them in this challenging time.

Now onto what I am talking about and what the offer is...

As many of you will have come from Brett or David's lists, you might be familiar with the "Underachiever method". In August 2004, Brett McFall hosted a seminar in QLD and invited Frank Kern and Ed Dale to reveal their "Underachiever method".

What is the Underachiever method you ask? Ed and Frank have been profiting for years from selling ebooks to specific niche interest groups. An "underachiever website" is a one page website selling an information product on a particular topic (usually but not always an ebook). These little websites may only make $500 or less p/mth each, but they can be setup quite quickly and provide a source of ongoing passive income.

Some of the "Aussie Success" underachiever websites show-cased during that weekend were:

- Brett Mc Fall's "How To make Money with Scrapbooking" ebook

- Amy Roberts' "Massage Therapy Success" ebook

- Melinda Barton's "Wedding Planning Secrets" ebook

In a nutshell, the "Underachiever method" consists of:

  1. Creating a short list of topics that you might like to publish an information product on

  2. Conducting market research online to determine the demand for that topic (i.e. whether it is worthwhile to create an information product for that topic or not), and to find out what people want to know about the topic

  3. Once you have found an in demand "hot topic", hiring a ghost-writer through or one of the other outsourcing websites to write the book for you for $500 to $1000, and answer the questions that the people wanted to know as determined by your market research

  4. Writing a sales letter for your product and publishing it online

Now I publish underachiever sites myself, but with a twist. I conduct steps 1, 2, & 4 above but use public domain content in lieu of hiring a ghost-writer to write the ebook for me. (Note: in case you didn't receive my newsletter last week and are wondering what "public domain" content is, my newsletter is archived here)

Using public domain content has several advantages over using a ghost-writer:

  1. It's sometimes hard to find a ghost-writer who really knows a lot about the topic that you want a book written on. Whereas when using a book in the public domain, you can virtually be assured that the person was an expert on that topic.

  2. I generally can find a very high quality book in the public domain on the topic I am publishing on

  3. I save by not having to pay for a ghost-writer to write the book

  4. I have full control and am not reliant upon a ghost writer delivering on-time, or on whether they are going to deliver something of sufficient quality that I would be content publishing it


So that's what I do and those are the advantages I have found.

Now what's my offer? In my newsletter last week I mentioned to you about a membership site called Niche Marketing Ideas. It just launched this month with over 150 public domain works all scanned into MS Word files, many with website and ebook cover graphics already created. You can actually pick up 17 free example ebooks from their collection here.

John Urman & Raul Bancod (the owners of the site) are adding further new products all the time (including just last week Jeremy Burns' latest SourceCodeGoldmine software products which others have been paying $197 for). I signed up a few weeks ago, and as I said last week, I think what they have on offer is outstanding value.

Here's my offer to you:

If you join me there and become a member yourself and do so via my link here, I will send you the download pages for the following sites with my compliments:

- Public Domain Mastermind
- Impact Popup Software

Many of you may have heard of Impact Popup, but if you look at my webpage offer you will see all the extras that I am including there. There's a lot of value just in the Impact Popup offer alone, including Private Label rights to an ebook all about finding and using ghost-writers, and Master Resale rights to many of the products as indicated on those pages.

Both of these packages are yours with my compliments as my "thank-you" for ordering the Wealth Creation Pack in June which raised funds to assist Chris n' Maz to deal with the health challenge that Chris is facing right now. As stated 50% of my commissions from this promotion will also be going to Chris n' Maz Smith.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Click this link now and signup to join me as a member of John & Raul's site

2. Signup using the same email address that you have received this email at

I can see the email addresses of those who order in my ClickBank stats, and will match them to the 250 or so who are receiving this offer. I will then send you the promised download pages.

My offer is available indefinitely if you were a purchaser of our Wealth Pack in June 2005. If you received this email then that includes you!

Once again, I thank you for your earlier support and wish you the best of success in 2006 and beyond.

God Bless,


The resources mentioned in this newsletter are:


  1. John & Raul's treasure trove of resaleable Public Domain works (pick up 17 Free Public Domain eBooks from their collection here)


  2. My "thank-you" gift to you if you join John & Raul's site using my link will be the download pages to the entire two packages inc all bonuses as shown on my homepages at: Public Domain Mastermind and Impact Popup including Master Resale Rights to the products indicated.

  3. Coaching Videos for Dummies on "How To" setup a website
    and/or run a eBay business

    (not just for dummies - advanced stuff there too!)


This newsletter is Copyright 2006, Financially Free Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved.