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How To Make A Living Online From Home In 2006




Damien Dupont

Date: 27 January 2006
From: the desk of Damien Dupont


Hello All!

I hope you had an enjoyable Australia Day yesterday and are well rested.

This is the first newsletter in 3 months! I have split it out into sections and in it I am going to cover the following:

  1. Why I rarely write newsletters for this website nowadays

  2. How to set up your own website for absolute dummies

  3. One of the two strategies I am using to make my living working from home, and how you can do it too!



1. Only Occasional Newsletters? What am I doing??

I received an email from a subscriber earlier this week asking me if I am still publishing a newsletter? Admittedly I haven't done one since late Oct, so I don't blame him for wondering.

As I explained to Sean, the reason is because this website attracts such a varied group of people, from those interested in property investing (maybe 60% of you), to share market investors (maybe 30% of you), with only about 10% whose interest is generating a living on the internet. (well... those are my guess-timates anyway).

I was heavily into Property & Stock Market investing until 2003 when I started to create websites (Financially Free being my 2nd, hence the emphasis on those two traditional forms of wealth creation on this site). But now my interest is primarily the internet. I still invest in Property as a secure asset base and for long term capital growth, but the internet is now where my interest lies and is my main cash generator.

My primary income source online comes from Google's Adsense program.

I have upwards of 50 websites now, and I have placed Google ads on most of them. Google send me a monthly cheque for all the clicks made by visitors on the ads on my websites.

This is truly passive income as there is no need to sell anything or do any customer service. But I am not going to cover the "how to" of doing this today. I might save this for a future newsletter, but if you want to know more about it, there are links to a number of good resources on that subject from the AdSense Empire homepage.

My other source of income online comes from creating information products derived from "public domain content".

"Public domain" refers to creative works published in the US such as books, movies, music, and photographs which are not, or are no longer, protected under US copyright law.

The range and volume of works which exist in the public domain is astounding. The opportunities to repackage and republish these materials for profit are endless!

At this stage, I have only focused on revising books that have fallen into the public domain (i.e. when their copyright protection has expired), and on republishing them online as ebooks.

You can even republish and sell public domain books without revising them at all if you so choose.

So in this newsletter I am going to focus (in summary form) on how you can do this as well, and make your living from home selling public domain works online either from your own website or on eBay.

If you would like to learn more about the public domain itself, then follow the links to the Public Domain Prowler and the Public Domain Mastermind websites from the homepage of Public Domain How To (Chris n' Maz Smith are my JV partners for that site).



2. How to set up your own website for absolute dummies

First things first. Before you can generate an income online, you will need to know either:

i) How to setup your own website; or

ii) How to create a business selling on eBay

The best resource that I have come across to show even the most technically challenged how to setup a website is the Hot Marketing Videos site. This site also has many videos that cover the eBay side of things.

I am a member of this site as it is not only for beginners, but also for advanced users.

This site carries over 300 videos that show you step by step how to do such things as:

  1. How to register a domain name and setup a website

  2. How to add audio to your website

  3. How to create password protected members areas

  4. How to create ebooks (including the free tools to do it)

  5. How to set up a blog

  6. How to install popups & autoresponders

  7. How to run an eBay business


Don't be fooled by the American accent on the audio of his homepage. Ameer is Singaporean, so nearly half the videos are from him with a Singaporean accent! The other 60% or so are by a gentleman named Louis Allport who has a distinctly "royal family" British accent!

- At $47 p/yr, this is a great value video coaching resource:

- You can register .com domain names for less than $10 here:

- And you can host a website from only A$3.97 p/mth here:

So if any of you are struggling with the technical aspects of generating a living online, or even possibly the cost, you now no longer have an excuse



3. One of the two strategies I am using to make my living
working from home, and how you can do it too

Well I actually covered the first part of this section headline toward the end of section 1, and I've covered the "technical part" of the "how you can do it too" in section 2. The non-technical "marketing" part of the "how you can do it" is covered in the resource at the Public Domain Prowler. So as to keep this email to a manageable size, I will limit this section to providing you with a resource where you can get your hands on a whole treasure trove of public domain content that you can republish and market.

I actually get my public domain content from a number of different sources, but I came across a great source that just came online this month and which I purchased a few weeks back.

It's a membership site called Niche Marketing Ideas (you can actually pick up 17 Free Public Domain eBooks from their collection here).

John Urman & Raul Bancod (the owners of the site) have packaged 150+ public domain works and done all the work for us by having them all scanned so that we receive the source MS Word files, and have provided website and ebook cover graphics for 114 of these. You can see 12 examples of these sites linked from their homepage.

Now remember that with the source Word documents for these US public domain books by authors such as Napoleon Hill, James Allen, Wallace Wattles and Harry Houdini, etc.. that you are able to either:

  1. Republish them "as is" and keep 100% of the profits; or

  2. Revise them and create derivative works of your own, changing the title and claiming yourself as the rightful author


Are you starting to see the potential of profiting from public domain content? The profit potential here is astounding to say the least. I'm really amazed (and glad) that there aren't more people jumping on the public domain gravy-train!

They have also added numerous Private Label and Resell Rights items to the package as well, and will be adding more items every month.

Well I am writing this in Word and I'm up to 4 pages now, so this is my cue to wrap it up for this month. I hope the information that I have provided here will inspire some of you to see yourself one day also working your own hours from home, and to create the financial security for yourself and your family that so many people wish for, but unfortunately only too few achieve.

My advice to you is to just take baby steps. As long as they're in the right direction you will get there - assuredly! You needn't quit your job. You can make a start on a part-time basis until you are generating sufficient income to say goodbye to the day job forever. I can tell you that there's no going back to that from where I'm standing. It's a great feeling, and YOU CAN do it too!

Here's to your financial success in 2006.


The resources mentioned in this newsletter are:


  1. To learn more about the public domain, follow the links to the Public Domain Prowler and the Public Domain Mastermind websites from the homepage of Public Domain How To


  2. Coaching Videos for Dummies on "How To" setup a website & run a eBay business
    (not just for dummies - advanced stuff there too!)


  3. Cheap .com domain names for about $10


  4. Host your website from only A$3.97 p/mth


  5. John Urman & Raul Bancod's "Niche Marketing Ideas"
    A treasure trove of resaleable Public Domain works, many complete with website and ecover graphics (pick up 17 Free Public Domain eBooks from their collection here)

This newsletter is Copyright 2006, Financially Free Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved.