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Intelyze Technical Analysis  







Intelyze Technical Analysis

The world's most comprehensive guide and education ever for learning and using technical analysis.. we'll even guarantee it!


Intelyze Technical Analysis

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1. How long does it take to complete the course?


InTeLyze is a self-paced education. The time required to complete the education is very individual and depends on different factors, such as your existing level of knowledge prior to commencing the course.

2. What does interactivity mean?


The interactivity in InTeLyze makes it possible for you to use more senses during the education that with any other available learning alternative. It creates an environment to learn 50 times faster. An interactive teacher talks you through the education. At the same time you will look at the charts. Important lines and indicators and actions are drawn at the same time when they are referred to rather than having them built in. This feature makes the course more living and interesting.


The interactivity in InTeLyze also gives you the advantage to design your own educational plan in accordance with your experience, time and individual needs. You have the possibility to access the course whenever you want to. Since InTeLyze gives you the possibility to save your course, you may start from where you left off just by clicking on "resume my course".

3. Is there any support on the course material?


Yes, USEC International offers 24/7 support for all your questions.

4. What makes InTeLyze better than other educational material such as books, tapes, seminars etc.


Books: You need to spend $2000-$3000 in books to cover the material covered in InTeLyze. It takes a great deal of time to read all the books and remember the concept. Reading is time consuming and since you only use your eyes it can be tiresome. Reading does not activate you and therefore your concentration can easily wane.


InTeLyze uses your hearing and seeing senses at the same time. By asking you questions during the education, the course creates interactivity between you and InTeLyze. This feature establishes greater concentration and keeps the contact between you and the course active.

Seminars and traditional courses:
These are usually much more expensive, short and planned to fit a none-homogeneous group. You can’t change the pace of the education and the amount of interactivity is minimal. Traditional education is based on you listening to the teacher. There are no realistic possibilities to activate everyone in a classroom or a seminar.


With InTeLyze you change the pace of education to fit your learning. You decide to spend more time on some subjects and less on others.

5. Does InTeLyze cover patterns and formations?


Yes, InTeLyze has a very innovative presentation of patterns and formations.

6. I have several years of experience in using Technical Analysis, are there any advantages for me?


We'll let Mrs. Robin Jean Scott from Sun City, Arizona answer this question:

"I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how impressed I am with the InTeLyze program. I have been trading for several years and felt I was fairly well-versed in technical analysis -- that is until I began trying to teach my friend, who lives in Michigan (I live in Arizona) via e-mail. I started searching the web for a course that would be more organized than I seemed to be (and definitely more patient than I).


I kept returning to InTeLyze over and over again, but the price was so reasonable that I feared that the content would not be adequate. Feeling this way, I ordered the course so I could evaluate it's merit. THIS IS A FANTASTIC PRODUCT! Not only has my friend ordered the course, I have learned a great deal more than I bargained for. This has been beyond just a refresher course and I am sure that I will use this program for many years to come."

7. Why is InTeLyze better than other educations on CD?


There is no other interactive education in technical analysis which offers you the depth, quality and interactivity that InTeLyze offers. Other so called “Educational CDs” are nothing but a flash movie or film on CD or DVD. These are the new versions of old cassette and video tape programs. As Stocks & Commodities Magazine stated: “ A quick look at InTeLyze’s welcome page should give you an idea of the breadth that is covered in this technical analysis course”.



8. If I purchase Intelyze and don't feel it meets my standards can I send it back?


Intelyze comes with a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. Buy it, try it and if you don't like it send it back within 30 days and we will give you a 100% refund of your purchase price. You need only make sure that you don't register the CD within your initial 30 day period.  Click here to view our guarantee. We believe Intelyze is the best technical analysis course in the world and we are prepared to back this belief with our unconditional guarantee.

9. What indicators will I learn?


Using Intelyze you will not only learn over 70 different technical indicators but their strengths and weaknesses as well. To see a list of indicators taught please visit our course contents page.

10. Will Intelyze work with my technical analysis software?


Intelyze is a stand alone education that does not lock you into a software program. If you currently have software for technical analysis, Intelyze will teach you how to interpret that analysis and use it in a more powerful (and profitable) way!

11. Will I need a live or end of day data feed for Intelyze?


Neither. Intelyze is an interactive educational package not trading software. All the examples and case studies are already contained right on the CD.

12. After studying Intelyze will I still need my stockbroker?


This is completely up to you. Intelyze will enable you, through the power of technical analysis, to reach a new level of knowledge and independence. You will look at price charts and graphs as never before and see opportunities you may have once missed (or never knew existed) in the markets.

13. How can Intelyze possibly be better than a $2,000 seminar?


Even ignoring the interactivity, the ability to learn at your own pace and the ability to test what you have learnt with Intelyze, it is just not possible to cover the amount of material to the same depth that it is covered in Intelyze, over a 2-3 day seminar.

14. Who Needs Technical Analysis?


Whether you are a day trader or a long-term investor, (regardless if you are active in the stock market, or currency market, etc.) you need to know and manage technical analysis, since it is your best instrument to time the market. It is your only way to find entry and exit levels.


For those who are trading with options, futures and other derivatives, it is crucial to use technical analysis to find the entry and exit points. Time is one of the most important factors in trading with options, futures and other derivatives and your timing is your profit.


Currency traders are also dependent on technical analysis to interpret the price movements.


It is a fact that everyone who trades or invests in any kind of securities (stocks, options, funds, futures, bonds, etc), has a great need for using technical analysis.

15. Who Should Use InTeLyze®?


InTeLyze® is for everyone trading with stocks, futures, options and other securities, regardless of the amount invested.


As a professional trader, InTeLyze® can be your best tutorial and encyclopedia in technical analysis. It is a comprehensive handbook that keeps your knowledge refreshed and updated. As a private investor, you may already know the value of technical analysis. InTeLyze® will offer you the knowledge you need better than any other material in the market.


InTeLyze® contains in depth description of usage, interpretation and calculation of technical indicators. This comprehensive tutorial provides you all information you need to calculate and tailor indicators to fit each particular security and your investment strategy. InTeLyze® describes and exemplifies all aspects of interpretation of technical indicators. It discusses their strengths and weaknesses and teaches you how to compensate those weaknesses, to generate reliable buy and sell signals and to be able to time your investment.


The advanced educational functions and pedagogical layout in InTeLyze®, enables you to improve your skills and refresh or test your knowledge continuously.


InTeLyze® is the world’s only interactive program that can offer the most complete and professional education in technical analysis of securities for novices, experts and everyone in between.



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Intelyze Technical Analysis

For a Limited Time,
we are offering InTeLyze®
at $130 off RRP
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Intelyze Technical Analysis