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Computer And Waste Recycling For Profit


Computer and waste recycling for money have interested me for a long time. After all, the basic idea of business is buy cheap and sell dear. What could be cheaper than free?

Computers Recycling

If you are reasonably young and have a utility vehicle you can drive round the annual rubbish collection and pick up all the computers that have been thrown out. Computers are just plugged together, with a few screws in strategic places.

Can't you fix computers? You do need a little basic knowledge, but there's usually very little wrong with computers that are thrown out. For instance your printer stops working. Replacement printers all need USB connectors. The salesman persuades you that you'll need to buy a new computer that has USB connectors. He doesn't mention of course that he could install USB connectors in your old computer, so you throw it out. There is nothing wrong with it.

Or your hard drive crashes and the salesman tells you that your old computer can't handle modern hard drives. So you get a new computer.

So if you pick up 20 computers for free, and one has a crashed hard drive and one has a faulty power supply, you just take the good hard drive from the one with the broken hard power supply and put it into the computer without a working hard drive. It's ready to resell at a profit.

You might be able to sell it for 0 or even a couple of hundred dollars. What! After all that work! Well, it's worth it for teenagers who are out of work, but recycling electronic waste can take some knowledge and ingenuity.

Other Recycling Waste

OK. Why not collect everything of value from the trash and sell it on eBay? Many people do that, and they make a nice little income. The only trouble is that they have to write a new advert for everything that they sell. Wouldn't it be nice to have a standard way to resell?

Recycling Satelite TV Dishes

If you can get old satelite dishes, you can sell them on eBay using the same advert each time. Mind you, you'll probably have to climb over the roof to remove the old dish, but if you are young and fit that won't bother you. There is good money to be made if you can track down enough of them.

Goods for Less Than Nothing

Drop leaflets offering to remove people's useless items that are just taking up storage room, for only . Make it clear that you are not into waste removal. You will only take good stuff. Take all the furniture down to a second-hand dealer and sell the lot - no salesmanship needed. Of course, he won't pay you high prices, but you've been paid to take it away, and it is nice not to have to do any selling.

You have to be young and fit and preferably have a partner to move furniture between you. Half a century ago it might have suited me.

Toxic Waste Or Recycling Profit?

There are electronic devices out there by the billion, with millions being replaced. They mostly go into toxic landfill. The number being replaced will grow rapidly. Even a toddler can carry one. There is a steady market for recycling. No technical knowledge needed.

You can read more about recycling cell phones if you don't mind admitting to your friends that you're profiteering from computer and waste recycling or you might even be prepared to admit that you are getting a no-brainer income with hardly any work.






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